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Blockchain & Tokenomics

Blockchain & Tokenomics

Blockchain integration

After extensive research and consideration, we decided to build & partner with ImmutableX as our L2 solution. ImmutableX is an Ethereum Layer 2 solution for NFTs offering zero-gas peer-to-peer transactions.

We are happy to tell you that in their commitment to carbon neutrality, ImmutableX offsets any carbon footprint by:

  • Purchasing carbon credits with Cool Effect
  • Planting trees through their partnership with Trace

Our NFTs will be minted on the ERC-721 Standard.
Syndicate of Vigilantes will utilize our own native currency in the game: $VIGI token, an ERC20 token, with a fixed supply of tokens.


Our in-game assets have both deflationary and inflationary aspects to allow high demand or supply to be matched and thus allow for a healthy economic system. Of course, sometimes there might be some heavy fluctuations but our tokenomics will be designed in such a way that it will even out. In that way ensuring a viable long-term economy.

Syndicate of Vigilantes Land NFTs – Country, State & Cities – have a limited supply. We intend to give NFT owners the option to either sell or rent a part of their land, by fractionalizing the NFT.

In-game assets can be found as mission rewards as well as purchased from our marketplace from both players as from our periodical sales. Players and clans are encouraged to burn NFTs in order to generate ‘greater’ assets.

Sale of NFTs/in-game assets, trading fees and other in-game transactions will be used for rewards, staking & liquidity incentives etc. This may include burning of $VIGI tokens for the purpose of deflation, or additional reward emission.

In-game assets will be regularly released into the game through sales or as in-game rewards. We can assume the resell market prices of those assets to increase on a consistent basis.

Our marketplace will allow players to buy and sell the assets they earned in-game or previously bought via our periodic sales (new assets releases).


The $VIGI token has multiple utilities within the ecosystem:

  • In-game currency
  • In-game purchases
  • Play-and-Earn
  • Governance

$VIGI tokens can be used to purchase in-game items that can enhance players gameplay experience where each item bought and sold in the game is an NFT.


Our commitments to support a sustainable Play-and-Earn tokenomics model, as well as keeping the Players’ interest at the core of our project:

  • We won’t offer single-sided staking pools as we consider the positive impact of locked tokens don’t outweigh the negative effect of increased emission rate on token price.
  • We will focus our efforts on rewarding Liquidity Providers that support price stabilization, with token incentives and other kinds of staking opportunities as well as Governance.
  • We will design our Play-and-Earn game mechanics to favour an overall rewarding game experience over senseless ‘click-to-earn’ jobs.

Our app will be & remain ‘free-to-play’ and purchasable items can be won in-game.