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To achieve their great Vision, enlighten the world and bring back its true beauty, the wealthy Syndicate appeals to the services of Vigilantes (our players) using advanced technology to secure missions for them such as recovering artifacts, gathering intelligence or destroying world elements.

Word on the street is that the Syndicate was infiltrated by malicious characters.
Who’s a friend, who’s a foe…? Or worse: which Vigilantes are unknowingly serving the cause by those dark forces?

Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is an extra layer of visual effects which are projected over the real physical world. You can only see them by using a sufficient device which is equipped with a digital camera, such as a smartphone or tablet.

One of the main features will be the missions that make players search for hidden AR-items in the real world. By using their smartphones, players will be able to locate these items and catch them.


The social aspect will be a key element in the game experience.
Players will get a huge package of clan-building options to build a clan, join forces, combine missions and play against other clans.

The right gaming tools to play as a clan will be available and clan-members will be invited to attend tailor-made Clan missions. Their game avatar, game profile and clan page, can identify as a certain clan-member if wanted.


We will make use of blockchain technology, offering in-game NFT collectibles which players can earn, or sell. Syndicate of Vigilantes will provide players with deposit-free play-and-earn opportunities that can be used for in-game purchases or converted to crypto or fiat.

The game is developed in such a way that gamers who are non- familiar with blockchain/crypto can still enjoy the full extent of the game experience and have a seamless experience.


Players can buy and sell the NFTs in the in-game marketplace. They can bid on items at the price of their liking, or buy them directly at the listed price. Items are tradable on external marketplaces such as OpenSea too.

We want to ensure players with limited (to none) experience with crypto, to buy & sell in-game NFT items in a seamless manner. We will integrate an On- and Off-Ramp solution to buy in-game items with normal currencies (fiat).

land nfts

Syndicate of Vigilantes will lay a virtual grid over the entire world and each grid will have a size of 500×500 meters. When a player creates an account, he has to choose a grid which he will call his home base. Multiple players can choose the same grid as their home base grid, even better; Clans can choose a grid as their home base too.
Those grids that are overlaying real Countries, States and Cities will be put together and sold as three different kinds of NFTs. (see investment opportunities)

the grid

By creating the grid and players choose their home base, we can establish the distance between the home base of the player and the location they finish a mission. Mission rewards will be multiplied by a distance factor.

The further a player is from its home base, the more he will be rewarded. But there is a catch: If a player gets eliminated by another player their mission stakes will be multiplied by the same distance factor too, so the further they are from its home base the bigger the target he becomes!

free to play

We believe we should motivate players to grow their position in the game in an organic way yet we acknowledge that not everybody in the world is fortunate enough to focus their off-work time on a game. Syndicate of Vigilantes will be launched as a Free-to-Play game so anyone who owns a smartphone or tablet will be able to play the game.

player support

We’ll set up a dedicated Discord server managed by our community management team, a chat bot that can answer basic questions, sitting on top of a substantial knowledge-base & FAQ section.
We will provide our players with a(n in-game) forum where they can ask any question regarding the gameplay, functionalities, tutorials based on our players-for-players protocol. Clans can claim their own part in the forum where they can discuss missions, strategic moves etc.