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To achieve their great Vision, enlighten the world and bring back its true beauty, the wealthy Syndicate appeals to the services of Vigilantes (our players) using advanced technology to secure missions for them such as recovering artifacts, gathering intelligence or destroying world elements.

Word on the street is that the Syndicate was infiltrated by malicious characters.
Who’s a friend, who’s a foe…? Or worse: which Vigilantes are unknowingly serving the cause by those dark forces?

Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is an extra layer of visual effects which are projected over the real physical world which is only visible through a smartphone or tablet.

One of the main features will be the missions that make players search for hidden AR-items in the real world. By using their smartphones, players will be able to locate these items and catch them.


The social aspect will be a key element in the game experience.
Players will be able to build clans, join forces, combine missions and battle against other clans.

Clans can pool resources, share intelligence, and provide mutual protection against rival clans. Strength in numbers means enhanced power, influence, and dominance in the world of Syndicate of Vigilantes.


We will make use of blockchain technology, offering in-game NFT collectibles which players can earn, or sell. Syndicate of Vigilantes will provide players with deposit-free play-to-own opportunities that can be used for in-game purchases or converted to fiat.

The game is developed in such a way that gamers who are not familiar with blockchain/crypto can still enjoy the full extent of the game experience and have a seamless experience.


Players can buy and sell their items in the in-game marketplace. They can bid on items at the price of their liking, or buy them directly at the listed price. Items are also tradable on external marketplaces such as OpenSea.

We want to ensure players with limited (to none) experience with crypto, to buy & sell in-game NFT items in a seamless manner. We will integrate an On- and Off-Ramp solution to buy in-game items with normal currencies.

land nfts

We’re overlaying a virtual grid over the entire world, we will split that grid into pieces of land that are being sold as NFTs. Landowners will get a piece of the action of all activity that happens on their land.

Owning the land grid of your city means you’re not just playing in your backyard; you’re claiming it, defending it, and ruling it. This is your chance to dominate your hometown in the world of Syndicate of Vigilantes!

the grid

By creating the grid and players choosing their home base, we can establish the distance between the homebase of the player and the location they finish a mission. Mission rewards are multiplied by a distance factor; the further you are from your home base, the greater your rewards.

But there’s a catch: if another player eliminates you, your mission stakes are also multiplied by the same distance factor. So, the further you venture from your home base, the bigger the target you become. High risk, high reward: dare to dominate the distance!


We believe in empowering players to organically grow their position in the game. That’s why Syndicate of Vigilantes is both Free-to-Play and Play-to-Own. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can jump into the action without barriers. Not only can you play for free, but you can also own in-game assets, making every mission more rewarding and every victory truly yours. Dive in and dominate the streets!

player support

We’re building a vibrant community to support our players. Our dedicated Discord server, managed by our community team, will be the hub for all player interactions. Equipped with a chatbot for basic queries and backed by a comprehensive knowledge base and FAQ section, help is always at your fingertips.

Players can ask questions about gameplay, functionalities, and tutorials through our players-for-players protocol. Clans can carve out their own space to discuss missions, strategize, and coordinate their moves. Join us and become part of a thriving community where support and camaraderie are always just a message away.