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Concept videos

With these two video’s we give you a sneak peak in the game experience of Syndicate of Vigilantes.

Video 1

You’ll see Julien, our former COO, testing the first of many Syndicrates in the city centre of Antwerp, Belgium.

Video 2

The second video is PelleK (YouTube phenomenon and founder of Domi Online) testing the MvP in the back garden of his house.

Endorsement Loren Roosendaal

Loren Roosendaal has been part of SoV from the early beginning, starting in an advisory-role as early as 2020. Now Loren’s UAE-based company Galactic Entertainment Publishing is the proud publisher of Syndicate of Vigilantes.

In this video Loren makes a small introduction about himself and explains his vision on the potential success of Syndicate of Vigilantes and how asset ownership via blockchain technology will play a major role in that succes.